Top 25 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has become the necessity of today’s business world. With millions of people around the world using different kinds of the smartphone application to access the internet or to perform simple to complex business tasks, you might be missing a lot of potential business if you do not already have a business app, invest in app development.

A mobile app is utmost necessity if you wish to continue to provide the top-class services to your existing and new users on all platforms. A dedicated business app will help improve the credibility and trust of your brand.

Also, know why is it important to go for mobile if you are a small business owner.

Every Entrepreneur Should Need To Invest In App Development!! WHY??

Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in mobile application development.

1. Mobile For Everything

Gone are the days when people were using mobile phones only to make calls and send messages. Nowadays, even the smallest to the biggest of the tasks can be performed on the mobile phones.

Mobile for Everything
The smartphones have increased our capability to do the things that were once beyond our expectations. Using a mobile app, you can now do business, keep track of your health, make travel plans, book movie tickets, and what not.

2. Mobile Is Everywhere

Everyone is using a mobile phone nowadays, usually a smartphone. According to a research report, there are 1.5 times more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. Your mobile app gives you access to these millions of potential users who are waiting for a reliable and trustworthy app like yours.

3. On-The-Go Marketing

A mobile application gives you the facility to promote your business products and services to the customer anywhere and anytime. Having a mobile app makes your business more reachable to the end customer. They are more likely to purchase from you if you have a dedicated app.

4. The Personal Touch

The mobile phone has a special place in everyone’s life. People like to always stay in reach of their phones, use them as much as possible, carry them around wherever they go and use the apps to perform various daily tasks. Average time spent on mobile –

average time spent on mobile
If your app is there on the mobile phones of your target users, the chances are that it will be opened more often, depending on your services.

5. Brand Reputation

Having a dedicated business app poses you as a modern and customer-centric company in your market. It is no different than it was for business companies to have a website in earlier days. Your app also points towards your dedication to make your customers happy and how much you value their needs and comfort.

6. Social Networking

Depending on how you use it, your mobile app can be much more than just a tool to sell your products/services.

Today everything comes first on social media. Adding social media networking can boost users. BIG THUMPS UP!!!

You can interact with your business users more efficiently, solve their queries and get their feedbacks, all within one app. To further increase its usability, you can add more social options such as comments, likes, sharing and more to your app.

7. Improved Sales And Service Quality

Mobile technology is changing the way people sell and buy goods. With more buyers preferring to shop on their mobile phones, it is now easier than ever for businesses to provide top-class services to the customers through dedicated business apps.

sales and service quality

Customers now have more options to browse through products, compare multiple items and analyze the service before making a purchase on their mobile device.

8. Location Tracking

With location tracking (GPS) feature available in the smartphones, it is possible for businesses to view the location of the user and provide informed services and suggestions accordingly.

Location tracking on fitness app-

Fitness Location Tracker

The feature is particularly useful for location-oriented services like movies, restaurants, etc. Your mobile app development company can integrate the location feature in your business mobile app as well.

9. Higher Market Value

The market value of your brand and success rate of your business automatically increase when you have a dedicated app for your users.

According to App Annie, Mobile app industry will grow 270% to $189 billion by 2020 –
Higher market value
People nowadays like to explore any app that they can find even remotely interesting. This increases the chance of your business getting more customers and more conversions.

10. Easy Mobile Payments

One of the best benefits of having a mobile app is that you can accept payments for your services and/or products through the mobile app anywhere, anytime.

easy mobile payments

Your users can easily make online payments using credit/debit cards or online banking or any other option within the app. It also promotes the cashless transactions and makes your app more convenient for the user and the market.

11. Real-Time Data Analysis

A mobile application can integrate as many features as you can imagine. The real-time tracking and analysis feature of the mobile app allows you to collect and analyze user activity data and make proper decisions in real-time.

Real-time data analysisBusinesses can deliver personalized content such as offers, deals, and suggestions to individual customers based on their search activities.

12. Better Looking

Most users will prefer a mobile app over a mobile website anytime. The reason is that the mobile app of a company usually looks better and sophisticated than its mobile website.

Mobile UI – @SergeyValiukh

Even if you have a mobile version of your website or have a responsive site, it still stands far behind in the performance and looks as compared to a dedicated mobile app development. Websites simply do not suit the small screen.

Even though mobile apps are more popular but having a mobile-friendly site is also important. here is why – Reason why You Must Have A  mobile responsive site 

13. Cost-Effective

The mobile app development cost is usually lower than the cost of building a separate mobile version of your existing site. Even if it costs you a few bucks to develop a dedicated mobile application, the profitability ratio will be relatively higher. Also, a well-developed app doesn’t require frequent changes or updates to the cost will compensate.

Worrying about how much an application will cost? Here is the estimated cost of mobile app development

14. Stay Connected

Developing a native app is a perfect way for businesses to stay in constant touch with their customers.

Stay connected
An app can accustom several options like the business blog, forum, chat, feedback, contact etc. for users and company managers to communicate with each other. This helps build a good reputation and trust amongst business customers.

15. App Notifications

App notifications

Through your business mobile app, you can send the notifications of the upcoming events, new launches, offers or even more regular notifications and reminders like daily logins, news & updates, etc. to interested customers. These notifications compel users to check out the app more frequently.

16. Monetary Benefits

Apart from the increased growth in business, you can also earn in many other ways through your mobile apps. You can display ads within the app for which you’ll be paid handsomely depending on the popularity of your application.

Monetary benefits
You can also get a paid version of your mobile app developed that offers additional features and benefits to the interested users.

17. Reach To Next Generation

The next generation of consumers will be totally addicted to the mobile phones, and if you want to survive in the market, you need to provide a dedicated business app to these modern consumers. Not many people like to visit the bulky, slow-loading websites of the companies when they have the option to browse the same/similar services through a dedicated app on their phones.

18. Time-Independent

One of the best benefits of using a mobile app is that it is independent of time, that means you can use your favorite mobile apps to browse through products and/or make a purchase anytime from anywhere. Your business mobile app makes the perfect use of the smartphone’s mobility feature to keep your users entertained and informed all the time.

19. Reach To A Larger Audience

Mobile apps are definitely more used as compared to desktop and mobile sites. Billions of people around the world own mobile phones and are using mobile apps for performing daily tasks. If you want to increase your business reach to all these people, you must hire a good mobile app development company to get a dedicated application developed for your target audience.

20. Increased User Interest

A well-designed mobile app is capable of boosting user interest even in a not so good product or service because the users start to evaluate the value of the product/service by the quality of the app.

Increased user interest
It is the responsibility of such businesses to improve the quality of their services to match with the app.

21. Increase In Revenue

The ultimate aim of a business is to generate revenue, and your business mobile app can help you achieve just that.

Increase In Revenue
A mobile application is designed such that the users can easily find the things they are looking for without having to browse through a number of pages or complex navigation. This increases the chances of them getting converted resulting in increased revenue for the business.

22. Access To Phone Camera

Since a mobile app can be built to have the camera features, it can be very useful for businesses that require access to the inbuilt camera of the device for a specific purpose, such as video chatting, the real-time image capturing, photo-search, etc.

23. Offline Access

Another great benefit of having a mobile app is that your users will still be able to access your app’s static content and information even without an internet connection. However, there may not be able to perform any dynamic tasks like transaction or anything else that requires a connection to your servers.

24. Access To Phone Storage

Your business mobile app can also give you limited access to users’ phone storage such that it can automatically save files, downloads, etc. to the storage and access information as permitted by the user. This facility is useful for many types of applications that require access to phone storage and/or other settings in order to work properly.

25. Mobile App Vs. Mobile Site

In most cases, a mobile version of your site or a mobile-responsive site will be enough to entertain your business users on mobile.

Mobile app vs. mobile site

But if you wish to achieve more revenue from mobile and give a better experience to your app users, you should seriously consider investing in mobile app development.

The mobile app development is the latest and most important technology trend that you need to implement necessarily if you wish to stay ahead of competitors and continue to manage your market reputation.

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